Denmark to Face Legal Action Over Refugee Deportation

Human rights legal group Guernica 37 said it will take the Danish government to the European court of human rights (ECHR) over their plan to return hundreds of Syrian refugees to Damascus.

Guernica 37 said that the cancellation of residence permits, which target mostly women and the elderly, can be brought to the ECHR due to the ongoing conflict there. 

“The situation in Denmark is deeply concerning. While the risk of direct conflict-related violence may have diminished in some parts of Syria, the risk of political violence remains as great as ever, and refugees returning from Europe are being targeted by regime security forces,” said Guernica 37.

According to Guernica 37, Denmark’s decision will set a dangerous precedent, which other European states could follow.

Because Denmark does not have diplomatic relations with the Syrian government,  refugees whose residency renewals are denied could be held indefinitely in detention centers.

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