Afghanistan Flash Floods Kill at Least 40, Many More Missing

At least 40 people have been killed while many more are injured or missing after torrential floods hit Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nuristan.

“The predawn floods triggered by heavy rains engulfed Mirdesh village in far-flung Kamdesh district. The initial information showed that local villagers found 40 bodies while many others were still missing,” reported Provincial Council chairman Sadullah Payendazoi.

Nuristani provincial council head Saeedullah Nuristani said that 50 people were still missing and nearly 80 houses had been destroyed so far. 

Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) said rescue and relief efforts have been hard to conduct due to the remoteness of the area and because it is under Taliban control. 

Nuristan Provincial Council Chief Engineer Sadullah called on the government and humanitarian organizations to give aid immediately. 

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