Mexican Ships Deliver Fuel, Aid, and Food to Cuba

Two Mexican ships carrying food, fuel, and medical supplies have sailed to Cuba on Tuesday and a third one has departed Wednesday to provide humanitarian assistance amid the pandemic.

The Foreign Relations Department said that the shipments are intended to aid Cuba in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The first shipment left carrying 100,000 barrels of diesel fuel which the Mexican government said would be used to provide power for Cuban hospitals.

The second and third ships left loaded with oxygen tanks, needles, and syringes as well as basic food items like powdered milk, cooking oil, and beans.

Rafael Elias Rojas, a Cuban historian and professor at the College of Mexico, described the humanitarian assistance as “a new phenomenon” comparable only to the early 1990s when the collapse of the Soviet Union cut off the island’s economic subsidies.

“There have been minor instances of aid during hurricane seasons, but the last big aid efforts of this scale or larger, were during the administration of (former Mexican president) Carlos Salinas de Gortari, when exchanges with Cuba increased significantly and when, as now, there was a deep economic crisis on the island,” added Rojas.

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