Iranian Parliament Postpones Internet Restriction Bill

Iran’s parliament has decided to postpone its review of the controversial internet bill, which opponents say will lead to more stringent internet restrictions, on Monday. 

The bill titled “Protecting Users in Cyberspace and Organizing Social Media” has gained criticism over fears it would further limit internet access in Iran where accessing information through known internet services are already banned such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. 

Various digital business in Iran have released a joint statement on Monday denouncing the bill, Al Jazeera reported.

“We stress that this bill will certainly not benefit Iranian internet businesses and its designers must know that its damages to local businesses will far outweigh its benefits,” the statement read. 

The Tehran ICT Guild and the Iranian E-Commerce Association have also denounced the bill.

The bill contains a provision, among others, which would require local and foreign service providers to register and appoint a representative who may be held liable if regulators identify violations.

The bill also proposes to identify users and services they use, as well as criminalizing the use of services which are banned, including accessing the same through Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

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