Facebook Has Officially Discontinued the Oculus Rift Line

Facebook stated that users of the newest Oculus kit will be merged into a single Facebook account and that support for existing Oculus account users would be phased out by 2023.

New users were instantly needed to have a Facebook account to log in and access material for the virtual reality kit.

The decision was widely condemned online, with opponents citing worries about intrusive data gathering, targeted advertising, and being compelled to use a service they despised.

In the future, using the new Oculus glasses will need the user to also have a Facebook account. 

Linking virtual reality items and the group’s social network in this manner may represent an illegal abuse of Facebook’s power.

Facebook’s social network has a strong position in Germany, and it is also a significant participant in the young but expanding VR (virtual reality) sector.

In Europe, it is common for Facebook to use the courts to prevent attempts to hold its business model accountable for breaching regional laws.

According to Facebook VP Nick Clegg, the company is taking the legal action not to defend its own business model, but to “send a signal that this is a really big issue for the whole European economy, for all small and large companies that rely on data transfers,” which would be “absolutely disastrous” for the EU as a whole.

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