Tokyo Homeless Evicted for Olympic Games

Tokyo Metropolitan government officials have started evicting homeless people around the capital for the final phase of clearing the area in preparation for the Opening Ceremony for the Tokyo Olympic Games on July 23.

“Remove (your belongings) by July 21 because they are creating obstacles for road management,” said a note given to a 62-year-old homeless man living on the street. 

The senior homeless man told Asahi Shimbun that the city official who gave him the note explained that the eviction was ordered because of an upcoming Olympics event in the area.

Homeless citizens living in shanties on the outskirts were also greeted with signs ordering them to remove their dwellings and themselves by July 21. 

Some residents of the shanties asked for public assistance bet were only offered temporary hotel accommodations. 

Parks and other places where homeless people stay or sleep have been either locked up to brightly lit to discourage people from spending the night there. 

According to the Tsukuroi Tokyo Fund, a charity for the homeless, the Metropolitan Authority has cracked down on homeless individuals since Tokyo was named the host city of the 2020 Olympic Games.

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