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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Swedish Prisoners Hold Guards Hostage, Demand Helicopter and Pizza

A pair of Swedish inmates have taken two prison guards hostage on Hallby high security prison, demanding a helicopter for escape and pizzas as ransom, on Wednesday.

The inmates, both convicted of murder forced their way into a guard room at around midday, according to prison official Torkel Omnell.

“We quickly sent in a mediator,” Omnell said. 

“The Swedish Prison and Probation Service’s negotiators, task force and police are onsite and the situation is frozen,” acting security chief Jorgen From Nordin told TT news agency.

The pair demanded a helicopter for escape and 20 kebab pizzas for other inmates.

Prison spokesperson Stina Lyles said the guards were released after nine hours and were unharmed.

Authorities brought the two inmates to Eskilstuna police station on charges of kidnapping.

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