Peruvian Health Workers Arrested for Charging COVID-19 Patients $21,000 per Bed

Police in Peru have arrested nine people allegedly charging Covid-19 patients for hospital beds at a state-run hospital, on Wednesday. 

Prosecutor Reynaldo Abia said authorities have also arrested the administrators of Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen public hospital in Lima in a raid, Reuters reported. 

Police received a complaint that Covid-19 patients were being charged as high as 82,000 soles ($20,783) for an ICU bed at the hospital.

“This is totally reprehensible,” Health Minister Óscar Ugarte said.  “We cannot be negotiating with people’s lives.” 

Patients have to go through a long waiting list just to avail one of the 80 ICU beds in the public hospital.

Peru is currently battling a surge in cases, as total infections reached over 2 million with over 195,000 Covid-19 deaths.

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