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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Former Informant ‘White Boy Rick’ Sues FBI, Detroit Police for $100 Million

Richard Wershe Jr., a former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Detroit police informant, filed a $100 million lawsuit last July 20 against former FBI agents and police officers for alleged child abuse.

Wershe, known as “White Boy Rick,” of Detroit, Michigan alleged in the lawsuit that the FBI and police “coerced” him to assist them as an informant in the 1980s when he was only 14 years old.

Wershe said in the filing to the United States District Court in Detroit that he “did not feel capable of denying or resisting” the law enforcement officers when they ordered him to enter vans and drug houses as a teenager.

The FBI first recruited Wershe after his father informed the FBI that his daughter was dating a known drug dealer.

Wershe also alleged that the FBI and Detroit police continued to use him as an informant after he was shot in what he described was an “assassination attempt.”

“Looking back now, I see how gravely risky my actions were and how irresponsible the FBI and the Detroit Police were to put me in such dangerous situations,” Wershe further said.

Wershe, now 52, served around 30 years in prison in Michigan after being sentenced in 1988 for possession of cocaine at the age of 17.

Wershe said in the document that he “would never have gotten involved with drug gangs or criminality of any sort” if the FBI and the Detroit police did not use him as an informant.

Wershe was released from the Michigan prison in 2017, but was then sent to Florida to serve a prison sentence for a different crime. He was released last year.

Wershe’s work as an informant inspired the 2018 film, “White Boy Rick.”

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