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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Argentina Unveils New ID Cards for Non-Binary People

Argentina introduced on July 21 a new national identity system for people who identify as non-binary.

At a press conference in Buenos Aires, Argentinian President Alberto Fernandez announced the new National Identity Document (DNI) that allows non-binary citizens to use “x” in their national ID document and passports.

Fernandez said that DNI aims “to guarantee the gender identity of people who do not perceive themselves as either female or male.”

“There are identities that always existed, but were hidden. We must respect them because when we deny them, we deprive many people of the possibility of being happy,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez, along with Interior Minister Eduardo de Pedro and Women, Gender, and Diversity Minister Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta, delivered the first three nonbinary ID cards during the event to Valentine Machado, Geronimo Carolina Gonzalez, and Shanik Lucian Sosa Battisti.

De Pedro said that the new system was “one more step to ensure the right to identity.”

Under national law, Argentinians have the right to identify themselves as gender neutral.

Argentina becomes the first Latin American country to adopt the ID system, its government said.

Other countries that already adopted the system include New Zealand, India, and Canada.

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