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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

UK to Deploy 2 Warships to the Asia-Pacific Permanently

The British Defense Ministry has announced that it will permanently deploy two warships in the Indo-Pacific region.

“Following on from the strike group’s inaugural deployment, the United Kingdom will permanently assign two ships in the region from later this year,” said UK defense minister Ben Wallace.

Wallace said the HMS Spey and HMS Tamar were chosen for the permanent deployment but added that they would not have a permanent base.

The deployment followed plans to deploy a British aircraft carrier and escort ships to carry out exercises in the Philippine Sea with allied nations, particularly Japan. 

Spey and Tamar will be deployed at the end of August and will be supported by Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

There are also plans for the ships to join a Littoral Response Group in the future but no details have been released. 

The UK recently expressed that it wanted to deepen security ties with Tokyo due to recent disputes over China’s territorial claims in the region, including Taiwan.

“We reconfirmed our shared position that we firmly oppose attempts to change the status quo by coercion, and the importance of a free and open Indo-Pacific based on the rule of law,” said the Japanese defense minister Nobuo Kishi.

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