Shell tp Appeal Dutch Court Ruling on Carbon Emissions

Royal Dutch Shell has confirmed on Tuesday that it would appeal against a Dutch court ruling calling for the oil giant to reduce its carbon emissions at a faster pace.

A court in The Hague made the ruling in May this year after Friends of the Earth and over 17,000 co-plaintiffs successfully argued that Shell had been aware of the dangerous consequences of CO2 emissions for decades but its climate targets did not go far enough.

Ben van Beurden, Shell’s chief executive, said that Shell agrees an “urgent action is needed” to reduce carbon emissions and vowed to accelerate its progress towards becoming a net-zero carbon company.

Beurden argued that Shell would still appeal against the ruling “because a court judgment, against a single company, is not effective”.

“What is needed is clear, ambitious policies that will drive fundamental change across the whole energy system. Climate change is a challenge that requires both urgent action and an approach that is global, collaborative, and encourages coordination between all parties,” argued Beurden.

Donald Pols, a director at Milieudefensie, said the appeal from Shell was aimed to postpone any action and warned that “the longer the delay the more serious the climate consequences will be for us all”.

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