Guojiaju Dam Becomes 3rd Dam to Collapse in Henan Due to Strong Rains, 16 Dead

The Guojiaju dam in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province has collapsed due to the severe flooding in the region, the third dam in just 48 hours. 

The Guojiaju dam collapsed at 1:30 am local time which was confirmed by the Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management.

The Chinese army also warned the Yihetan dam in Luoyang “could collapse at any time” after it suffered a 20m breach and that it could cause major damage to the 7 million residents in the city.

The PLA’s Central Theater Command announced it has already sent troops to conduct emergency response operations including blasting and flood diversion.

Henan’s provincial authorities warned that water levels in 16 reservoirs had already risen to dangerous levels and could cause more damage to nearby cities and agricultural lands like what happened in Zhengzhou city.

Various Chinese state media reported that there are already 16  deaths but there are fears more bodies will be found.

More than 100,000 people have already been evacuated while search and rescue operations a still ongoing in Henan.

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