Tokyo Olympics Composer Resigns Over Past Bullying of Disabled Classmates

Japanese composer Keigo Oyamada has resigned on Monday as a composer for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics after admitting to bullying children with disabilities during his childhood.

“I sincerely accept the opinions and advice I have received, express my gratitude, and will keep them in mind for my future actions and thoughts. I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” Oyamada said on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Reports of Oyamada’s past abuse of classmates, including those with disabilities, recently surfaced online, sparking backlash and demands for his resignation.

Oyamada told Quick Japan magazine in 1995 how he had confined a classmate in a cardboard box and forced a boy with an intellectual disability to eat his own feces and masturbate in front of other children. 

Olympic organizers condemned Oyamada’s actions but initially said they would continue to work with him with just days to go before the opening ceremony.

The organizing committee retracted their decision on Monday, admitting that it had been wrong to accept his first apology and decided to accept his resignation.

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