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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Henan Province Flooded, Subway Passengers Trapped, Motorists Stranded

Central China’s Henan province has issued a red alert for heavy rainfall after cities and infrastructure were inundated since the weekend.

At least a dozen cities suffered from waist-deep floods and paralyzed transportation and businesses.

Trains lines were suspended, highways were closed and flights were delayed or canceled as a safety precaution. 

In the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, at least three people have died after the Yellow river swelled and spilled water into the city. 

Photos shared on social media show residents wading through floods while there was an unconfirmed video showing passengers in a flooded underground train carriage panicking. 

State broadcaster CCTV also broadcasted a video of water filling a subway platform in the city. 

Zhengzhou’s subway operator said that they would be closing their lines until weather conditions improve. 

In the city of Gongyi, one person died while two others were missing. 

In Dengfeng, an aluminum alloy plant was destroyed after floodwater from the nearby river entered the factory.

Heavy rains are expected for another 24 hours while 10,152 residents have already been evacuated. 

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