US, UK Olympic Event Staff Caught Using Cocaine

Japanese police said four electricians, two from the United States and two from Britain, who came to work in Japan as support staff in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics who have been arrested for allegedly using cocaine.

According to Tokyo2020, the men work for Aggreko Events Services Japan Ltd., which supplies electrical-power services for the Olympics.

“Should the allegations turn out to be true, Tokyo 2020 will issue a strict warning to the company and advise them to take all possible measures to ensure that such an incident does not happen again,” the organizers said.

Around 8 p.m. on July 2, the four drank at a pub in Tokyo’s Roppongi District, the capital center. One of the accused trespassed on a nearby apartment after leaving the club, leading police to rush to the scene.

Police said that the examinations and drug tests conducted on the four men revealed positive for cocaine use.

Aggreko Event Services Japan meanwhile confirmed the arrests and said the four men had been suspended from their posts.

Before Tokyo declared a state of emergency on Monday, the incident occurred to reduce public alcohol consumption during the Olympics. It requested that bars and other similar establishments close or stop selling alcohol for six weeks.

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