Iran Unveils State-Approved Islamic Dating App to Promote ‘Lasting Marriage’

Iran on July 12 unveiled a state-approved Islamic dating app designed to promote “lasting and informed marriage” in the country, state media reported.

Government-affiliated Tebyan Cultural Institute developed the app called Hamdam, which means “companion” in Farsi, to help younger people in Iran to “search for and choose their spouse.”

Tebyan Cultural Institute Head Komeil Khojasteh said during the unveiling that one of Iran’s major problems were the “growing divorce rate and decrease in the number of marriages.”

“Family is the devil’s target, and [Iran’s enemies] seek to impose their own ideas,” Khojasteh also said, adding that the app helps create “healthy” families.

“A healthy family is the driver of society’s progress,” Khojasteh said.

According to the app’s website, it “introduces the families together with the presence of service consultants,” who will “accompany” the couple for four years after marriage, AFP News reported.

According to Iran’s Cyberspace Police Chief Colonel Ali Mohammad Rajabi, Hamdam is the only state-sanctioned application of its kind and that other platforms were illegal.

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