Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee to Refund 3.63 Million Tickets

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee is expected to refund  3.63 Million Tickets due to seating caps implemented to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak in Tokyo from worsening. 

Because of the seating caps, games would be reduced to 10,000 persons per stadium, or 50% capacity to ensure proper social distancing measures.  

The reduction would mean that 910,000 Tokyo Olympic tickets, or 25% of the total, will be invalidated including the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as eight sports.

According to the committee, the results will be released before dawn on July 6.

The organizing committee also said that about 910,000 tickets will be invalidated out of the 3.63 million tickets that have been sold.

The new lottery will affect little more than 10% of all events and event stages due to more than 80% of events and event stages not reaching their spectator caps.

Tickets allotted for stakeholders both at home and abroad, including sponsors, are not subject to draw. 

However, stakeholder tickets appear to have been lowered from 1.7 million to a little more than 500,000.

Ticketholders who are not chosen will be automatically reimbursed while the redraw winners will receive their tickets.

Winners who still want a refund must apply by noon on July 15 while reimbursements will be issued after the games have concluded.

The organizers will still not sell extra tickets for events if the capacity has not been met.

The Paralympic games’ lottery will also be redrawn and the organizers will contact the winners on July 16 while organizers will accept refund requests until July 26.

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