Belarusian News Outlet Targeted by Belarusian Authorities, Site Blocked and Staff Arrested

Belarusian authorities have blocked the website of Nasha Neva a leading online opposition media and detained its staff.

The Belarusian information ministry confirmed that it had “decided to restrict access” to the Nasha Neva website after the Prosecutor General’s office said it allegedly posted unlawful information. Authorities did not specify what that information was.

The Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) said police raided Nasha Niva’s offices and detained its editor-in-chief, Yahor Martsinovich, along with editor Andrey Skurko while some journalists could not be contacted. 

“We cannot contact some editorial staff, including editor-in-chief Ehor Martsinovich. We assume that he may be detained at this time, as readers report that police officers were seen in the building where he was staying,” announced the Nasha Neva Telegram account. 

Nasha Neva has extensively covered the pro-democracy protests in the country since President Aleksander Lukashenko’s disputed re-election last August.

Nasha Niva was also one of the local outlets which published videos of police brutality during the protests. 

BAJ has also said that Ihar Kazmerchak, the editor of the independent news website was also arrested, while the new technology website was also blocked.

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