Undocumented Workers in Belgium Stage Hunger Strike

Undocumented migrants in Belgium have started a hunger strike to pressure the government to give them regularization and access to health care.

Some protesters have also stitched their mouth shuts and would only consume liquids to show their commitment to the protest. 

The protesters have been camped out for six weeks at several locations around  Brussels including in a church and a university canteen.

There are already reports of protesters who are unable to stand up because they have become too weak from malnourishment and dehydration.

The demonstrators who are supported by local activists have called on the government to grant all of them the right to stay in the country after years of working in the country undocumented after four months of talks with immigration authorities broke down last May. 

Belgian authorities defended that Morocco and Algeria are stable countries and the workers are not eligible for asylum.

“There are migration rules in all European countries. We cannot regularise everyone,” said a government spokesperson.

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