Record-Breaking Everest Climber and Chinese Mountaineers Stranded in Nepal due to Pandemic

Tsang Yin-Hung, the record-holder the fastest ascent of Mount Everest by any woman has been stranded along with several other Chinese mountaineers because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Nepal.

Because of the outbreak in Nepal, Tsang who is from Hong Kong, and the Chinese mountaineers are not allowed to go home under COVID-19 restrictions imposed by Beijing.

Tsang managed to scale Mount Everest in 25 hours and 50 minutes last month when the COVID-19 cases in Nepal were gaining momentum,

“I think the summit climb for me was possible and achievable. But going back home (looks) hopeless. There is no way to go back,” said Tsang.

The daily positive rate of infections in Nepal stood at more than 24 percent with 622,640 infections and 8,772 deaths.

The Nepalese government has allowed two weekly flights from China but there are none available for Tsang and the Chinese climbers.

Tashi Lakpa Sherpa, a senior official at the Seven Summit Treks company said that more than 30 Chinese climbers are still unable to leave Kathmandu.

The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu has not yet released a statement on how it planned to send its compatriots back home.

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