Taiwan Recalls Representative Office Staff in Hong Kong

Taiwan has recalled staff members from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong over the weekend after failing to renew their work visas, amidst political pressure from Hong Kong.

In a statement on Sunday the Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council said, “Since July 2018, the Hong Kong government has repeatedly set unreasonable political conditions whenever our employees applied for work visas, including requiring them to sign a pledge to observe the ‘one China’ policy.”

“This made it impossible for our employees to assume office or continue to stay in Hong Kong. As such, there would be an adjustment in the businesses handled by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong, starting June 21,” the statement said. 

The council condemned the move requiring its staff to sign the ‘one China’ pledge as one of the requirements for obtaining work visas, as it thanked staff members for continued performance of their duties. 

“We adamantly refuse to accept the political suppression from Beijing and the Hong Kong government to force our employees to sign a ‘one China’ pledge, and severely warn and condemn them for the unreasonable move,” they added. 

Only Director for the Economy Division Ni Po-chia has remained in the office with his visa expiring next month.

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