Spain to Pardon Jailed Catalan Leaders

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that nine jailed leaders of Catalonia’s failed 2017 independence bid would be pardoned to ease tensions with the region.

“I am convinced that getting these nine people out of prison … is a clear message of concord. Catalonia, Catalans we love you,” said Sanchez.

Despite previous protests from the public about releasing the Catalans, Sanchez explained it was needed to restore social and political coexistence and to help Spanish society “move from a bad past to a better future.”

Catalonia’s separatist head of government Pere Aragones said last week the pardons would be a welcome first gesture to start a dialog.

Aragones however said pardons were insufficient and sought an amnesty for all those involved in the 2017 events which were estimated to be around 3000 people.

“It won’t be easy – it will be extraordinarily difficult – but it’s our duty to the people of Catalonia,” said Aragones on his upcoming meeting with Sanchez.

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