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Thursday, July 29, 2021

US Reconnaissance Aircraft Intercepted by Russia over Pacific Ocean

A Russian Su-35 fighter has intercepted a US Air Force RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft over the Pacific Ocean during a scheduled drill in the area.

“On June 10, Russian radar stations detected an aerial target over the Pacific Ocean approaching Russia’s state border,” said the Russian Defense Ministry,

The Su-35 shadowed the RC-135 until it turned away from the Russian state border.

The encounter happened while the Russian Pacific Fleet was conducting massive naval maneuvers in the central part of the Pacific Ocean.

“In accordance with the plan of training military command centers of the Pacific Fleet’s forces (troops) in 2021, an operational exercise of the Fleet’s combined arms forces is running in the distant maritime zone,” explained Russia’s Defense Ministry.

The U.S. Pacific Air Forces did not confirm or deny the encounter but said that it was flying “in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the use of international airspace.”

“While we aren’t going to comment on any specific aircraft intercept, the Pacific Air Forces has an enduring commitment to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific,” said the Pacific air force comment.

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