Seoul Opera House Employee Caught Mining Ethereum in Basement

An employee at Seoul Arts Center, South Korea’s most prestigious arts center and opera house, has been stealthily mining Ethereum (ETH) in a basement room using the center’s electricity.

Supervising employees discovered the two mining rigs, including sophisticated graphics cards, connected to power outlets during a routine inspection of a little-used basement room beneath the center’s Calligraphic Art Museum.

An unamed employee confessed to setting up the mining rig. He claimed to have owned a number of mining rigs at his home and had simply brought the mining rigs in question to the site in October 2020 to “store them.” 

The unnamed miner decided to connect the rigs to the center’s power network when crypto prices began to soar in November, thinking that the area was unlikely to be searched and very few people ever ventured underneath the building.

He earned an estimated amount of 638,000 won (US$570) from the mining.

The center decided in a personnel committee meeting to suspend him from work for two months as a penalty and made him reimburse the electricity cost of 300,000 won.

“We did not press criminal charges in this instance, but we handed out the strictest punishments possible according to our internal regulations,” said a representative from the Seoul Arts Center.

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