Albania Parliament Votes to Impeaches President Ilir Meta

The Albanian parliament on Wednesday voted to impeach President Ilir Meta for violating the constitution. and discharged Meta from the post.

The ruling Socialist Party accused Meta of meddling in the April 25 national election and violating the country’s constitution.

The parliament voted 104-7 to impeach Meta, surpassing the 93 votes needed to eliminate him from office. 

Officials in favor of impeachment say Meta’s actions triggered political instability in Albania.

A report of a parliamentary investigation inferred that Meta had disregarded the constitution with his biased approach against the ruling Socialists during the April 25 parliamentary electoral campaign. 

The report said Meta violated 16 constitutional articles and affected brutality.

“Ilir Meta has betrayed the mission of the president of … Albania,” Prime Minister Edi Rama said in his speech before the vote. 

“Ilir Meta has humiliated the constitution,” Rama added.

According to the officials, he neglected to satisfy his protected commitment of keeping up public solidarity.

The impeachment proceedings will now be deliberated by Albania’s Constitutional Court. The court will give a final decision on the impeachment within three months.

Meta’s term as a president should be until July 2022,

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