Heatwave Sweeps Through the Lower 48 States

The U.S. National Weather Service has issued Heat Advisories in at least 48 states in the lower US as temperatures keep rising above 90 degrees.

Temperatures are expected to reach 96F/35.5C degrees in Minneapolis while Sioux Falls, South Dakota hit 101F/38.3C while Boston and Washington D.C. are recording 90/32’s.

In Central California, 109F/42C was recorded last week and is expected to go higher.

Texas also recorded temperatures in the 100’s and is under threat of flash floods due to ongoing thunderstorms.

At least 6 inches of rain fell in parts of the Gulf Coast states over the weekend and caused minor flooding.

Aside from the US, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, and Pakistan experienced 122F/50C.

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