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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

UK Police Brace for G7 Protests

Thousands of police officers have been tapped across Britain to strengthen the security of the G7 leaders as there will be “annoying” protests when they arrive for the summit this week. 

Devon and Cornwall Police said that an extra 5,000 people will help the operation with about 6,500 officers and staff involved altogether.

Roads and coastal paths to Carbis Bay, the hosting place of the event, have been closed. Also, erecting steel and fences were set up.

Assistant Chief Constable Glen Mayhew, who is in charge of policing the summit, said that everything they do will be proportionate and legitimate.

“We know that the eyes of the world’s media will be on us over the next seven days,” Mayhew added.

A group that has joined the “Resist G7 Coalition” (RG7) said that they will be “loud” and “annoying.”

“Our rights weren’t won through quiet, polite protest. Our rights were won through being noisy, disruptive, and annoying,” said the Kill The Bill group, one of about 20 activist organizations to have RG7.

“We will be loud. We will be disruptive. We will be annoying,” the group added.

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