Turkey to Vows to ‘Solve’ Sea Snot Problem

Turkey has vowed to solve the mucilage covering its waters known as “sea snot” which has threatened marine life and affected livelihoods, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said over the weekend.

Experts say the marine mucilage or the overpopulation of phytoplankton, is caused by warming sea temperatures due to climate change and untreated sewage water being discharged into the sea.

On Saturday, Erdoğan has promised to solve the problem and directed the environment ministry for resolution.

“As the Environment and Urbanization Ministry, you will coordinate this work, and we’ll save our seas, especially the Marmara, from this mucilage trouble by joining hands with the universities,” the president said at the opening ceremony for World Environment Day, the Daily Sabah reported.

“The increase in the sea temperature due to climate change has also contributed considerably to this scene,” he added.

Environment minister Murat Kurum said Sunday, the ministry will recover Marmara Sea in three years and that they are currently conducting inspections at 91 areas in the Marmara Sea with a team of 300 people.

“We have samples of 91 spots of the Marmara Sea. We will not leave the Marmara to its destiny. We will take steps to cure the Marmara,” the minister said.

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