COVID Related Black Fungus Cases Reported Outside India

The first cases of a black fungus (mucormycetes) linked to COVID infections that were first identified in India have been found in Chile and Uruguay.

“Cases of fungal infections have been detected since the start of the pandemic but the frequency has increased and serious cases have risen,” said the Chilean Society of Infectology.

The case in Uruguay was a 50-year-old who recently recovered from COVID last week.

The Uruguayan patient who also had diabetes exhibited necrosis symptoms in the mucosa area.

The patient’s doctor Professor Henry Albornoz said that they found out that it was a black fungus infection after testing. 

The Chilean Society of Infectology did not disclose details on their local case but confirmed it. 

There are 9,000 cases of black fungus in India, mainly in recovered and recovering Covid-19 patients.

In severe cases, the black fungus infections damaged the eyes, nose, and brain of the patients. 

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