EU Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) Starts Anti-Fraud Operations

The EU public prosecutor’s office (EPPO), responsible for investigating and prosecuting fraud against the EU budget, has begun its operations on Tuesday (June 1, 2021). 

Laura Kövesi, former Romanian anti-corruption chief, described the start of the operation as a “historical moment.”

Only 22 countries have joined EPPO out of the 27 EU countries.

Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Ireland and Sweden have decided to not take part.

However, Sweden might join next year, according to the EU Commission.

15 permanent chambers make up the EPPO, with 22 European prosecutors, plus Kövesi, who will work on approximately 3,000 cases each year.

EPPO will also investigate cross-border crime more efficiently, which has been known to be difficult to prosecute.

EPPO will also tackle the discrepancies that lie among EU member states with regards to cases that are being investigated.

Kövesi hopes that EPPO will be able to convince non-participating states to take part, however, she admitted that it will still be a “political agreement.” 

EPPO has already begun a working agreement with Hungary.

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