German Scientists Claim to Have Discovered Link Between Blood Clots and AstraZeneca Vaccine

A team of German scientists claimed to have discovered the cause of the rare blood clots developing on some people that are vaccinated with the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines against Covid-19 and how to prevent it.

Rolf Marschalek, a professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt who has been leading studies into the rare condition since March, said that the cause is the adenovirus, a common cold virus being used to deliver the spike protein of the coronavirus into the body.

“The adenovirus life cycle includes the infection of cells … entry of the adenoviral DNA into the nucleus, and subsequently gene transcription by the host transcription machinery. And exactly here lies the problem: the viral piece of DNA … is not optimized to be transcribed inside of the nucleus,” wrote the team of scientists in a pre-print journal.

Parts of the spike protein splice or split apart inside the cell nucleus becoming mutant protein pieces floating off into the body. Scientists believe this triggers blood clotting.

Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna do not use this delivery system in their mRNA vaccines and there has been no blood clotting incidence occurring for them.

Johnson & Johnson has already in contact with Marschalek to redesign the vaccines.

Marschalek had presented their findings to the German government’s Paul-Ehrlich Institute and to the country’s advisory body on vaccination and immunization.

Other scientists have other theories and commented that Marschalek’s explanation is still a hypothesis and needs to be scrutinized by experts.

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