Ukraine Bans Russian and Belarusian Electricity Imports

The National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NEURC) at a meeting on Wednesday have temporarily ban electricity imports from Russia and Belarus until October 1, 2021.

“We take this decision on the initiative of Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko, who made such a request to us. At the same time, we remember our experience and … the balance of interests, because we also think about consumers and …, theoretically, the termination of imports as a market mechanism can lead to abuses and manipulations in the market,” said Valeriy Tarasiuk, current Chairman of NEURC.

NEURC approved the draft resolution, “On the distribution of capacity of interstate power grids” during an open meeting on May 26.

The energy ministry has earlier asked the authority to ban power imports from countries that are not parties to the Energy Community (of southeast Europe) because this contradicts Ukraine’s strategic goals and “potentially threatens energy security”.

NEURC decided to cancel the results of annual auctions allocating the energy capacity for 2021 in terms of interstate relations between Ukraine and non-members of the Energy Community. They also instructed the transmission system operator to reimburse the auction winners for the funds paid for the capacities allocated at the annual auctions.

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