Spanish Top Court Opposes Acquittal of 12 Catalan Separatist Leaders

The Supreme Court in Spain announced in a non-binding report on Tuesday that it is against the potential pardons of the government for the 12 Catalan separatist top leaders who have been jailed after failing their bid to win the region’s independence from Spain in 2017.

The Spanish government needs to acquire the opinion of the top court before handing down its final decision, which is expected to be announced over the summer.

The Spanish top court’s report came after Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has hinted that he is eyeing the potential issuance of pardons as the public expects him to resume negotiations with the new pro-independence government of Catalonia on the political conflict of the region.

“There is time for punishment and time for concord,” Sanchez told parliament on Wednesday.

Sanchez told this as he also presented the España 2050, a sweeping development plan that aims to improve the country’s performance in addressing key issues in the field of education, health, pensions, jobs, taxes and the environment over the next three decades.

According to Sanchez, his eventual decision regarding the potential pardons would “take into account constitutional values such as harmony, dialogue and understanding.”

He declined to further elaborate his stance, which eventually earned criticism from the opposition, saying that this move could undermine the unity of Spain.

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