New Zealand Health System Hackers Expose Patient Details to Public

Hackers have released what appears to be private patient information to media outlets after a targeted attack on hospitals in New Zealand’s Waikato district a week ago.

The group claiming responsibility for the Waikato District Health Board cyberattack released numerous official-looking records and documents containing names, phone numbers, and addresses of patients and staff.

The media outlets referred the released information to the police and decided not to report the details.

Authorities would not comment on whether the cyber attackers had put forward any demands but the government remains resolute in not paying any ransom for the hackers.

“We are aware that malicious actors can see what is being said in the media and that this can influence their behavior. On that basis, we can make no further comment on this,” said Waikato DHB Chief Executive Kevin Snee in a statement.

Healthcare systems in Waikato are still waiting for resolutions, disrupting some services including the treatment of patients and the payroll process of staff members.

Waikato DHB provides health services for a population of more than 425,000 individuals.

The hospitals have now resorted to manual processes to support the backlog of patients. Hospital management has also asked the public to explore alternative avenues for treatment for non-critical conditions.

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