London ‘Public Relations’ Firm Allegedly Hired French Influencers to Target and Discredit Pfizer

French social media influencers have been contacted by mysterious communications, offered to pay them to discredit the Pfizer vaccine.

These influencers said that they have received an email from a UK-based communications agency offering them a “partnership” on behalf of a client and offered them a budget.

“Strange. I received a partnership proposal that consists of slamming the Pfizer vaccine into a video,” Leo Grasset said.

Grasset has a popular science channel that has nearly 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube.

“Colossal budget, the client wants to remain incognito, and I should hide the sponsorship,” he added.

Grasset further said the LinkedIn profiles of those who contacted him were “weird.”

“Incredible. The address of the London agency that contacted me is wrong. They have never been there, it is a laser surgery center. All staff has weird LinkedIn profiles,” he said.

The profiles he found were now gone, but not before he noticed that “everyone there worked in Russia.”

The French health ministry has denounced the “obvious attempt to spread disinformation.”

No clear motive for the disinformation campaign has been identified.

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