Belarus Expels Latvian Diplomats, Latvia Retaliates with Own Expulsions

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has ordered Latvian Ambassador to Belarus Einars Seimanis and other diplomats to leave the country following a controversial hockey game hosted in Latvia.

The move came after Latvian authorities used a Belarusian opposition flag at an ice hockey championship.

Seimanis was given 24 hours to leave while the other diplomats were given 48.

The Belarusian foreign ministry said that one administrative-technical staff member will be allowed to look after the embassy building after the diplomatic departures.

In response to the expulsions, the Latvian Foreign Ministry summoned Belarus’ charge d’ affaires to inform that Belarusian diplomats are also being expelled until relations between the two countries return to normal.

“In response, the Latvian foreign ministry summoned Belarus’ Charge d’Affaires to notify the Belarusian side about a similar step in respect of Belarusian diplomats,” said the Latvian Foreign Ministry.

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