Extreme Weather Kills 21 Ultramarathon Contestants in China

Twenty-one ultramarathon runners have died after extreme weather conditions hit in a long-distance race in northwest China.

Meanwhile, 172 runners went missing and many of them suffered from hypothermia.

According to Global Times, the high-altitude Huanghe Shilin Mountain Marathon began on Saturday morning in sunny conditions however around 1 p.m. freezing rain and hailstones and gale winds lashing runners in Gansu County.

Hong Kong 100 Ultra Marathon confirmed on Sunday that Liang Jing, an ultramarathon champion and one of China’s well-known ultramarathon runners, was among those who died.

One runner, Mao Shuzhi turned around when the weather changed. 

“The rain was getting heavier and heavier,” Mao told Reuters.

She was about 24km into the race at the time and had not yet reached the mountains when she turned back.

Officials said 151 runners were now confirmed safe, and that eight of them were injured.

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