14 People Killed after Vehicle Accident in Southern Guinea-Bissau

Fourteen individuals were killed after a speeding transport truck lost its control and crashed into village homes in southern Guinea-Bissau on Sunday.

According to the police representative in the West African country, the cargo truck driver was speeding around a curve when he lost control and hurtled toward the small village of Cambesse, located 120 miles south of the capital Bissau.

The police officer also said that 13 villagers were killed after the truck collided with several houses in Cambesse. The driver of the truck also died after the road accident.

A staff at a hospital in Bissau confirmed the number of dead individuals.

Guinea-Bissau is a small poverty-stricken tropical country in West Africa. It is populated by about two million people.

According to officials in the country, transportation accidents are frequently happening in the country because of the poor conditions of the roads.

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