Australian Students Participate in School Strike 4 Climate March

Over 50,000 thousand Australian children attended a protest as they call for action on climate change.

These students were expected at School Strike for Climate rallies across the country, being the latest campaign by young people pushing for action on climate change. 

One of the organizers of the strike, Natasha Abhayawickrama said that the students want to see the government act on the climate change happening in the country.

“We want some meaningful climate action,” she told The Guardian.

“The government’s decision to put $600 million towards a gas plant, in addition to allocating so much money in the budget towards gas and fossil fuels, will only drive us further into the climate crisis,” Abhayawickrama added.

The organizer further said that as of now, they need clean and renewable energy to be funded to have a “safe future.”

David Soriano, 17, who attended the rally in Sydney meanwhile said that he was worried about the future.

“We’re scared and concerned. We’re doubtful that there might not be a future in store for the generations after us, and even our own generation,” he told BBC.

The protesters were also calling for no new coal, oil, and gas projects in Australia, including the controversial Adani mine.

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