Canadian Bio-Tech Company Medicago Testing New Vaccine in South America

A new plant-based COVID-19 vaccine from Canadian biotech firm Medicago has shown positive results and will begin to move into the next phase of testing that will include South American countries.

According to data released in a report by Medicago and GlaxoSmithKline, the vaccine was able to produce antibodies at a rate of 10 times the number of antibodies seen in patients who had recovered from the virus. 

Medicago reports that patients who received two doses of the vaccine showed a “robust immune response” in their clinical trial, which consisted of a sample size of 30,000 participants. The trial was conducted in North America, Europe and South America.

The vaccine uses a technology known as virus-like particles, which copy the structure of the COVID-19 virus but contain none of the genetic material. It is currently in the mid-stages of phase 2 testing, with preparations being made for a third stage.

As of the time of writing, no adverse side effects or safety concerns have been reported regarding the Medicago vaccine. 

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