Indonesians Protest Against Israeli Airstrikes Outside US Embassy

Indonesian protesters marched to the US Embassy in Jakarta Tuesday calling for an end to Israeli aggression in Gaza. 

Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters in the nation with the largest Muslim population in the world, rallied with “Free Palestine” signs and Palestinian flags outside the US Embassy, as they condemned the United States’ support for Israel.  

This following Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s statement on Twitter over the weekend condemning Israeli attacks. 

“Indonesia strongly condemns Israeli’s attacks which has resulted in the loss of lives of hundreds, including women and children. Israel aggression must be put to a stop,” the president wrote on Twitter. 

Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei released a joint statement saying, “We also unreservedly condemn the flagrant violations of international law, including humanitarian and human rights law, perpetrated by Israel, the Occupying Power,” on Sunday. 

The Southeast Asian nations urged the UN Security Council to urgently act to protect Palestinian civilians and requested the UN General Assembly to call for an emergency session to address the worsening situation.

Separate demonstrations were also held by union workers across the country on Tuesday.

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