German Police Detain Final Suspect in Green Vault Jewel Heist

The Dresden public prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday that police were already able to arrest the fifth and final suspect involved in the controversial theft of 18th-century jewels from a museum in Germany in 2019.

According to the German prosecutors, police arrested 22-year-old Abdul Majed Remmo in an apartment located in Berlin’s southern district of Neukoelln on Monday evening.

Abdul Majed Remmo is also the twin brother of one of the other four suspects who were already arrested last year.

The suspects were taken into custody for stealing at least three sets of early 18th-century jewelry from Dresden’s Gruenes Gewoelbe or Green Vault Museum.

The suspects were accused of instigating an organized robbery and arson.

Authorities and investigators said they are still looking for the stolen items that include a large diamond brooch, a diamond epaulette, as well as other treasures from the museum.

Dresden’s Green Vault Museum has been recognized as one of the oldest museums around the world.

The establishment was built in 1723 and has been used to house treasuries brought by Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony and later King of Poland, comprising around 4,000 objects of gold, precious stones and other materials.

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