Residents Find Hundreds of Bodies Buried Along Ganges River Banks in Prayagraj

Residents have discovered almost 500 bodies buried along the Ganges River Banks in Prayagra, India.

The bodies were believed to be COVID-19 victims but have not yet been tested or identified.

“At least 400-500 bodies have been buried here. This is a sacred place where people used to come to take holy baths. People no longer like to come here. The government should ensure that this matter is taken care of,” said local Kunwar Jeet Tivar.

According to another local, Dina Yadav, people have been improperly burying their dead in the area and leaving them exposed to the elements.

“The government should be more careful, especially during this pandemic, as this can spread more diseases to people and worsen the situation. People are helpless. Many are poor and do not have the resources for a proper burial. The government should see to this as well,” said Sanjay Srivastava, another resident.

Due to the severity of the COVID pandemic in India, proper burials or cremations are often unavailable or unaffordable to most of the populace.

According to Prayagra residents, there have been no similar incidents before the recent second COVID wave started.

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