New Zealand to Reduce Acceptance of Temporary and Skilled Migrant Workers

The tourism minister of New Zealand announced on Monday that they will limit its pathways for those who wanted to migrate and work in the country.

The tourism minister added that it will be particular on those who were “low-skill” workers.

“When our borders fully open again, we can’t afford to simply turn on the tap to the previous immigration settings,” Tourism Minister Stuart Nash said.

“Covid-19 has starkly highlighted our reliance on migrant labor – particularly temporary migrant labor. The pressure we have seen on housing and infrastructure in recent years means we need to get ahead of population growth,” he added.

Nash said that the government would “encourage employers to hire, train and up-skill more New Zealanders to fill skill shortages.”

The government also announced its new strategies to target “wealthy investors.”

Nash said these would allow more than 200 wealthy international investors to come to New Zealand over the next 12 months.

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