Myanmar Junta Retakes Mindat, Chinland from Chin Rebels

Myanmar’s Tatmadaw has seized the town of Mindat in western Chin state after the residents took up arms against the ruling military junta. 

Mindat residents have reportedly formed the Chinland Defence Force (CDF) and started using homemade weapons against junta security personnel. 

In response to the uprising, the Junta has sent additional troops and attack helicopters to Mindat to regain control last Saturday.

At least 6 CDF members have been killed in the ensuing clashes while 18 were arrested,

“Six members of our CDF who tried to protect the security of the people in Mindat attacked (junta forces) and sacrificed their lives for the national revolution,” said the CDF.

The CDF said their forces managed to set fire to several army trucks and ambush soldiers but were driven back due to artillery fire. 

By late Saturday afternoon, Myanmar military troops from Kyauk Htu, Matupi, and the remaining Mindat police officers have regained control of the town. 

“We will not stay anymore in the town … but we will come back to attack soon. We only have homemade guns. This was not enough,” said a CDF member. 

As a result of the fighting, thousands of Mindat residents have been forced to evacuate while those that remained were forced to remain indoors by security forces.

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