Gaza’s Only Powerplant to Run Out of Fuel as Israeli Airstrikes Continue

The Electricity Distribution Company of Gaza (GEDCO) warned that its lone powerplant which supplies electricity to the whole area will soon run out of fuel and stop operating if Israeli airstrikes continued.

“Israel is preventing the entry of fuel to the power plant in Gaza. The available fuel is sufficient to operate the power plant for only two or three days,” said Mohammad Thabet from GEDCO.

According to the Palestinian Authority and GEDCO, the fuel was diverted away from the strip because of the closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing with Israel.

The airstrikes have also damaged power lines to Israel while repair crews are unable to reach affected areas due to airstrikes and artillery barrages.

GEDCO said that their preliminary estimate of losses due to the Israeli assault on Gaza has reached $8 million.

GEDCO said their current losses since the airstrikes started reached $8 million.

Thabet appealed to the Israeli government to reopen the Kerem Shalom crossing to allow the entry of fuel.

“[A blackout] would affect life in Gaza, especially the medical sector. We’re talking about dialysis machines, medical imaging equipment, ventilators, and intensive care units. The water sector will also be affected too, all vital facilities will,” warned Thabeth.

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