United States and Australia Call for an End on the Israel-Gaza Violence

The United States and Australia on May 13 has urged for an end to the escalating violence between Israel and Gaza.

U.S. State Secretary Antony Blinken and Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne said that their governments were “deeply concerned” by the violence between Israelis and Palestinians that has killed over 100 people.

“We are deeply concerned with the loss of life among civilians, especially among children. Palestinians have a right to live in security and to live in peace, just as Israelis do,” Blinken said at a press briefing in Washington DC.

“We have unequivocally called on all leaders to take immediate steps to halt violence, to maintain restraint, and to restore calm,” Payne said at the briefing, reiterating her statement last May 12.

Payne reiterated that violence was “no solution” and that the use of rocket attacks and indiscriminate acts were “never justified.”

Blinken and Payne said that their countries are open to a discussion on the violence at the United Nations, with Payne stating that Australia would be an active participant.

Hundreds of airstrikes and rocket attacks have been carried out from Israel and Gaza as Israeli police continue to clash daily with Palestinian protesters in weeks.

Tensions rose when Israeli forces tried to forcibly evict Palestinians from their homes in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah and stormed the al-Aqsa mosque, reportedly injuring over 220 people.

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