Tajikistan Mudslide Kills 9

Mudslides due to heavy rains in Tajikistan has killed nine on Wednesday, according to authorities. 

The Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense said mudslides killed eight in the city of Kulob in Khatlon region and the districts of Shamsiddin Shokhin, Vakhsh, and Kushoniyon, while one died in the city of Hisor. 

Mudslides occurred on Tuesday destroying properties and infrastructures amidst heavy rainfall. 

“At the moment, the Commission is conducting a round-trip, assessing the damage,” authorities said.

“Work is underway to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster, water is pumped out of the basements, roads and household plots are being cleared.”

The Committee reminded residents that mudflows, avalanches, rockfalls and floods are still expected until Friday. 

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