Bombings Kill 11 on First Day of Afghan Eid Ceasefire

Afghanistan was rocked by four separate bomb attacks on the first day of the Eid ceasefire leaving  11 civilians dead and 13 wounded.

The blasts occurred just hours after the Taliban and the Afghanistan government started their 3-day ceasefire to mark Eid al-Fitr.

Most of the bombings were reported to be roadside IED bombs planted by unknown suspects. 

Afghan provincial police spokesman Jamal Naser Barekzai said that five of the victims including a woman and a child were killed in the Panjwai district of the southern province of Kandahar.

In the Maiwand district, two children were killed and three adults wounded while in Ghazni, two civilians were also killed. 

Kunduz Police spokesperson Enhamuddin Rahmani reported that a sticky bomb was used to kill two and wound 10 in their district. 

There are no suspects yet on the multiple bombings while no group including the Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attacks. 

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